The Tender Points Part 2-Living With FM & Chronic Fatigue

Tender Points in Fibromyalgia.

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Hi Guys,

In an earlier post I talked about the tender point exam,today I would like to talk about the tender points themselves.

There are many regions on our body that are sore to the touch.The neck and shoulder blades,inside of your elbows,hips,legs,& feet. Sometimes the slightest pressure and woe, it hurts. I have two young boys and they love to sit on me in my recliner. I think that is when I’m the happiest these days. However, it downright hurts ( something I would never tell them). When they use you as a springboard to get up, they might press on my knee,or arm and I flinch in pain. My wife if she heard me would say;” come on,that doesn’t hurt”. Maybe to a normal person, no it wouldn’t. But all of us with FM know we have that heightened sensitivity to pain. Its real, and that is one huge area that people often discount our disease. From the doctors to our own spouses,  if they don’t believe us it becomes a lonely world. Imagine the other way around for a minute….we are looking at our husbands or wives and our child is simply getting off their lap. It would be hard to belive this could cause immense pain,but it does.

Even with our increased sensitivity to that pain,I’m told all of us have a much larger pain threshold.I can vouch for that. We are on meds to dull that pain and we can still feel it! Someone who has tremendous daily pain has to work thru it to some degree no matter how hard. Especially if you have kids. You don’t want to show it to them on a daily basis. That is what makes us so unique, and to some degree so tough. It becomes an art to hide it from people. Another reason why we are invisible,its like opening a medical book if you dare show it.

If someone asks me hows it going, I usually tell them good. We need a positive attitude,and it does help. The tender points will always be there along with everything else we deal with. Maybe a hot shower  a cool swim in a pool  or just sitting in that recliner, we all need to rest those tender points,even if its only us that feels them.


About fibromale

Im a 50yo male who is recently disabled. My goal in my "new life" is to share my experiences with everyone in hopes of helping ALL people with Fibromyalgia & Chronic fatigue. Its my understanding that 85% of people with Fibro are woman. I was diagnosed in 2009 after five years of every test know to man. I'm hoping thru regular posts,that people will comment & share their story.It can become a worldwide support group.
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